Yoni massage

Your therapist will massage your body slowly, with rhythmic and sensitive movements. Then slide slightly over your vulva and down to your toes. It will comfort your thighs, sensual energy gradually accumulates as you approach Yoni. Now you can choose whether you want to continue with a full Yoni massage or just relax in a pleasant environment with the therapist.

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Don’t be shy and awaken your sexuality

Yoni massage is an experience that includes touching, awakening and massaging the whole body, focusing on the neck and shoulders, buttocks and breasts, hips, and finally on the outside and inside the vagina, occasionally massaging the rest of the body.

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Discover the pleasure of another orgasm.

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Yoni massage is recommended to be performed by a person of the opposite sex in order for the energy to be complementary and efficient. The term yoni comes from Sanskrit for the vulva and means “sacred portal”. It really is, because it helps women discover a new area in their vagina, which will climb to the peaks of pleasure. This type of massage is also called Orgasmic Meditation.

Duration: 1h | 1.5h  | 2h

Experience unforgettable sensations

If they wish, women can also receive massage in the intimate area (the so-called yoni massage), in order to help them to become aware of the “intimate map” of the points in this area, as well as the possible blockages and tensions accumulated. This special massage has the effect of free flow of energies, deep relaxation and reconnection of the woman with her own yoni. It is done in a respectful manner, with a tender attitude that inspires confidence and security.

Women can receive a massage from both men and women, depending on their preferences. The massage performed by the man is generally more energizing and easier to raise awareness due to the polarity difference. The massage performed by another woman enhances femininity, is more refined and can sometimes be more fulfilling.

If Yoni massage is not right for you, you can choose the tantric women erotic massage.

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What you need to know about yoni massage

Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit term used to describe a woman’s vulva and vagina and is translated as sacred space or sacred opening.
It is a tantric massage technique, which has been practiced in both India and China and Greece since ancient times. In modern times Yoni massage has been recognized for its many benefits to women.
Yoni massage can reshape a woman’s life in many ways. Also, to help it find spiritual clarity, it can also have a healing effect on the body.
Yoni massage is a type of massage that gives you strength and also the beauty of being a woman. It’s the perfect way to “calm your jewelry” (clitoris), Venus’ lips, pelvic floor, and G-POINT. It’s like safety in your heart to blossom your femininity. In this type of massage, it is not important to get many orgasms. It’s about getting that massage that will change your sex life.

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Learn how to recognize, deepen and prolong orgasms.

Experience female ejaculation or Amrita / Kalas

Improvement or overcoming of certain conditions such as frigidity, low libido, vaginismus, painful menstruation, pain during sexual intercourse, etc.

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Our location is in the center of Bucharest near the Victoria Palace, in a luxurious location. You can reach us easily by accessing the map here.

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Physical and mental health

Apply subtle techniques that maintain physical and mental health if tantric massage is performed regularly.

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I chose this salon after studying several sites. I loved the idea that the girls were not presented as merchandise. I’m looking for a place where women are treated and treated with much respect and refinement. I have to admit that the atmosphere, the massage, the conversation have surpassed my expectations very much. I will definitely come back!

Victor N.

Best tantra massage in Bucharest!! Highly recommended. I spent 2 hours in the  best erotic massage I ever had. I cannot describe enough the mix between sexy erotic body to body and also class refinement. Will be back in October! Thank you temple of bliss!


Such a warm-hearted and welcoming atmosphere I have rarely experienced. I feel so happy and grateful for this experience. Thank you.

Richard Løvlund