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What is Tantra?


​Tantra meaning

The term Tantra comes from Sanskrit and is derived from two words:

  • tan – means to expand
  • tra – means liberation

A casual Google search of the word Tantra reveals just how much this word has been hijacked by popular culture. In most people’s minds, the word has become synonymous with how to derive some kind of sexual pleasure. But if this is not Tantra, then what is?

Throughout Hindu thought, there is the concept of self-realization, where one realizes that they are not just the body in mind, but the eternal, indestructible Atman, beyond this physical existence.

A philosophy such as Sankhya and other Vedic thought urges to enquire, introspect and finally realize that we are nothing to do with this world of matter.

Wisdom means inwardly isolating ourselves away from this physical reality to see our true identity as a self which is part of God.

Like some Vedic thought, Tantra acknowledges the need to realize ourselves as the Atman but instead of negating the world, it uses the world to transcend it. Just as a thorn is used to remove another thorn, the matter is used to go beyond matter. In other words, this material reality is used as a means of knowing God.

Tantra is ancient spiritual traditions springing from Asia, which in its core, refer to the revelation of the spiritual heart and a non-dual vision. This number of vision basically means that everything in reality, manifest and unmanifest, transcendent or imminent, whatever it may be, energy, consciousness, everything all together is nothing else but the expression of the same one thing.

The thing that is pulsing in your heart, the thing that is looking through your eyes, everything is the manifestation of the Divine. The meaning of the word Tantra implies expansion, the expansion of your mind expansion of energy, and the word itself usually refers to a set of pics, which are called the tension.

That’s why the people that practice whatever it’s said in the tantric tracks are called tantric. What is very special about this tradition? Is it that it’s a householder tradition, which means it’s a tradition for everybody. You don’t need to renounce the world You don’t need to become a monk. You can incorporate everything in your life and still practice an authentic, genuine spiritual path.

In this path, everything becomes a ritual, everything becomes a ceremony, everything becomes a practice to awakening. If we wake up in the morning, brush our teeth, wash the dishes, go to war, make love, take care of the children, whatever that we do, is a door for awakening.

The Divine is hiding looking in every atom in every particle of the universe, waiting to merge waiting to experience itself. This tradition that we refer to as Tantra experienced a few turnings a few developments throughout the ages. And lately, it experienced a really big revival, and the word Tantra became very popular, almost like a buzzword.


Tantra nowadays


Unfortunately, these days, Tantra almost become a synonym to sex, or to some kind of a kinky, spiritual, different way of making love. It’s really important to know that in the tradition, and in this text, there’s barely any mention of sexuality or sexual practices.

Nevertheless, in this vast tradition, where everything is a vehicle for awakening, sex couldn’t be put aside, and the tantric had all kinds of ways to integrate sexuality into our spiritual practice. With this, as more practices and more awareness and consciousness has been brought to our sexuality, the tantric so that there was a reason why all the other tradition kind of like avoided sexuality, but also they missed something really big.

Our sexual energy is this huge force. It’s an infinite amount of fuel that can push us forward and excite us and open our hearts on our spiritual path. And in this way, Tantra wants more turns stable, where there is a general attitude where everything that usually becomes an obstacle, everything that usually inhibits us on the spiritual path that holds us back that we need to push away and renounce and be more strong. becomes a vehicle that becomes something that we can actually use and utilize.

We don’t need to cut off things anymore. We can embrace them. We don’t change what we do. We change how we do it. Our intention, our awareness, our consciousness, help us to use all the things that are apparently in our life, as a vehicle of transformation, as a vehicle for the revelation of the Spirit.

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As a result, tantric traditions involve innumerable rituals, mantras, and ceremonies, all of which are designed to activate, awaken and „divinize” the physical world. This world, therefore, is no longer seen as an obstacle, but a treasured tool to take us to transcendence.

Tantra Pathways

Tantra is commonly described as having two parts.

  • The right hand
  • And the left hand.

The right hand is overwhelmingly what mainstream Hinduism is about. It is concerning building a personal relationship with God. It involves discipline, practice and restraint, adhering to a vegetarian diet and maintaining purity and cleanliness throughout all rituals.

But there is a small fraction of Hindus that adhere to the left-handed path. This is an extreme ascetic tradition, whereby all fundamental conditioning of the mind is challenged. Things that ordinary people may consider impure and unholy or actively engaged with. 

It is here we get the infamous tantric sex practices. Along with this, there is also meat-eating, taking intoxicants, and even acts like taking residence in cemeteries. Although these practices are extreme, they are not done for pleasure or enjoyment. There is still a specific methodology and discipline behind it. By deliberately embracing anti-social practices and define normal etiquette, one aims to destroy all attachment, identity, and notions of body consciousness. Unfortunately, all too often it is these minority practices that are isolated without proper understanding, and use to present Hinduism to the masses.

As mentioned, all Hindu thought declares that we are not the body.

But Tantra is unique in that it states that this body is itself a means by which we can realize the truth. While Patanjali who is considered the father of yoga teaches us how to focus and still the mind in meditation. Tantric Yoga turns the object of this meditation on the body to attain higher states of consciousness. Within our gross material frame exists another subtle one, which has its own anatomy and physiology.

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Tantra and the 7 Chakras


There are seven energy centers along the spine known as chakras. Each one corresponds to physical organs and is responsible for different emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being.

The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “circle”, or “cycle”. It is also depicted as a lotus flower or spinning vortex of energy.

Each chakra spins has it’s own vibration, color, and frequency. most illnesses can be perceived before they manifest in the physical by observing the chakra system. We are energy beings vibrating in an energetic universe. We transmit and receive energy signals that determine the experiences we attract into our lives. The focal points from which we transmit and receive this universal energy in the body are called chakras or energy centers.

The 7 chakras are:

Muladhara or the Root Chakra

It is related to our sense of survival (food, water, environment, and air) and how we relate to nature. We feel safe and grounded when this chakra is balanced and working in harmony. When this chakra is imbalanced, you may experience anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, cold hands and feet, depression and frequent colds.

Sanskrit name: Muladhara

Location: Base of the coccyx

Color: Red

Sound: Lam (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs

Element: Earth

Svadhisthana or The Sacral Chakra

It is the base of our sense of being, our sense of self. Here in the Sacral Chakra, we experience joy, creativity, desire, passion, sexuality, abundance and a connection to our core.

Through a strong sense of desire, we are able to follow our passions and go with the flow. When this chakra is imbalanced we may experience kidney weakness, stiff lower back and urinary problems.

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana

Location: Above the pubic bone and below the navel

Color: Orange

Sound: Vam (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Kidneys, bladder and large intestine

Element: Water

Manipura or the Solar Plexus Chakra

It is the base of our will power, drive and ability to manifest our deepest desires. The Solar Plexus Chakra develops and manages the body’s heat. It’s also responsible for digestion and the conversion of food into energy.

When this chakra is imbalanced we may experience digestive problems, ulcers, toxicity, nervousness and poor memory.

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Location: 2 inches above the Navel

Color: Yellow

Sound: Ram (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and small intestine

Element: Fire

Anahata or the Heart Chakra

It relates to our feelings of love, healing, compassion, communication, forgiveness, empathy and the ability to have self-control. This also includes love for others and love for the self.

When the Heart Chakra is imbalanced we may experience chest pains, immune system problems and high blood pressure.

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Location: Centre of the chest

Color: Green

Sound: Yam (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders and upper back

Element: Air

Vishuddha or the Throat Chakra

This chakra relates to communication, truth, purification, telepathy, creative and truthful expression. It also concerns the ability to trust loyalty and organizational planning.

Unexpressed emotions tend to constrict this energy centre. Imbalances may result in colds, laryngitis, speech impediments and asthma.

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha

Location: base of the throat

Color: Light blue

Sound: Ham (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Mouth, jaw, ears and neck

Element: Space & Ether

Ajna or the Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is the seat of our intuition, wisdom intellect, understanding and imagination. A healthy and open 6th chakra will expand our perception beyond the 5 senses.

Imbalances in the 6th chakra may result in headaches, the tension in the eyes, ego inflation, anger, loss of memory, plus non-assertiveness and fear of success.

Sanskrit name: Ajna

Location: between the eyebrows

Color: Indigo

Sound: Om (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Pituitary gland, lower brain, eyes and skull

Element: Spirit (containing all elements)

Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra

This chakra is pure consciousness energy. It connects us to source energy, God or universal consciousness. Our personal consciousness is located within this energy center.

Imbalances in this chakra may result in frustration, depression, a lack of zest for life and migraine headaches.

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Location: On top of the head

Color: Violet

Sound: Om (Yoga Bija Mantra for cleansing)

Organs: Connects us to a divine source, God or universal consciousness

Element: Beyond elements

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This is a brief overview of a really complex subject. The Chakra system is a complex network of energy channels akin to a spiritual nervous system.

Within this subtle body, there is prana chakra which is the life energy that sustains us, as a closed-circuit flows through various channels known as Nadis. Tantric philosophy teaches that the free flow of this prana is what leads to an enriched and balanced state of being. Added to this there is also a unique manifestation of energy located at the base of the spine, known as Kundalini.

According to tradition, this is the cosmic energy of the Divine Mother. Through various techniques such as Kundalini Yoga and Kriya Yoga, one can awaken this energy and cause it to rise up the spine, rejuvenating our state of consciousness.

The full completion of this process leads to the realization of the self.

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Tantra Practices

Mantra Practice

This practice is central to the tradition. The constant repetition of specific syllables in a set combination with others produces a vibrational effect on our mind and environment. 

Yantras Practice

Similar results are found in geometric patterns, known as yantras. Rishis have long been aware that different forms produce different effects, and some like yantras, have the ability to transform their surroundings. These geometric designs are usually associated with a particular deity.

Sri Yantra Practice

The Sri Yantra, for instance, is seen as another form of Lakshmi. It rebalances the environment generating prosperity and auspiciousness.

Mudras Practice

Another technique is Mudras. These are different hand and body positions that channel energy in a certain way. The Gyan mudra, which is perhaps the most famous. Increases concentration and the ability to gain wisdom.

Tantric Yoga Practice

The point of practicing tantric yoga is simple: spiritual liberation

Tantra Yoga is a reasonably contemporary revamping of the old Vedic and also yogic spiritual techniques. The Tantrics established cutting-edge yet unconventional methods for permitting one to experience the truth of truth Self– the unity of the whole universes. Rather than broadening as well as concentrating one’s understanding in an outward direction, Tantra saw the worth of the body as a device to check out and also indulge in. Formerly, yoga exercise methods were concentrated on the renunciation of the physique as well as an aware initiative to separate from the enduring run into in the body. Tantra rather uncovered the worth in the understanding and also indulge in the body’s internal globe of power. Recognizing the methods and also objectives of tantra yoga exercise is necessary as hatha yoga exercise stemmed from this system of yoga exercise, and also tantra gives a context for the specific methods as well as methods of modern-day yoga exercise.


Temple Worship Practice

Where we see the beauty of tantric practice is in the Hindu temple. The temple is not just a place of prayer. It is where we live with God. Through a combination of tantric ritual and earnest longing to serve a divine God in the form of a specific personality is invited to reside in an image. Although the divine is understood to be present everywhere, he is still unknowable to our mind and senses. But through this process, God becomes physically manifest before us.

Tantra Prana Pratishta Ceremony

Through a ceremony known as prana pratishta, which means the literal pacing of life, that unfathomable divinity is called to reside in the image. This involves a number of preparatory steps. Various materials are used, mantras chanted, as well as different fire sacrifices.

These rituals and materials are precisely formulated to raise the energetic vibration of the temple and the image itself. Most people are aware of how our actions and thoughts leave a certain ambiance in a particular location. In the same way, the tantric ritual uses specific methods to create an energetic context in the temple for God to enter.

And it is the sincere desire the devotees which caused him to arrive. Through the prana pratishta ceremony, that which was dead and inert is activated and „divinized”. Because of the deity, the temple becomes a fortress of divine grace that seeking individuals can connect with.

All of these processes are detailed in the various tantric Agama scriptures. Vaishnavas who worship Vishnu is a Supreme Lord fellow texts such as Pancharatra, Shaivites who see Shiva as the supreme adhere to scriptures such as the Shiva Siddhanta.

The Shaktas who worship Devi and other denominations also have their own tantric scriptures. These Agamas give specific instructions on worship. How an image has to be made. How Temple is to be constructed, how worship is to be carried out, as well as vast philosophy about the specific deity.

After prana pratishta is done, the deity is then served and honoured as an actual living being.

Various items are offered such as incense, lamps, and food. Once presented, they are then given to the devotees. In tantric ritual, God manifests in material form, and everything that participates with that form becomes fundamentally transformed. It is no longer considered material, but spiritual and is known as „prasad”. This prasad is then taken by the devotees. Through this process, that which has become part of God then becomes part of us.

These ideas and practices pervade most Hindu movements to some degree or another.

There are Shaivite and Shakta traditions which place even more emphasis on tantric scriptures than the Vedas themselves.

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Shiva and Shakti in Tantra mythology

For many of them, spirituality is about the union of Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva is that divine transcendence consciousness and Shakti is the dynamic energy of the material world. Self-realization is attained through the awakening and elevation of this energy to attain divine cosmic consciousness. But Vaishnavism, in particular, sees the tantric revelation as completely complementary to the Vedic tradition. The philosophical knowledge of how the soul relates to the world and God is taken from the Vedic Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. The theology and narrative pastimes of Vishnu are taken from the Puranas, such as the Bhagavatham.

Tantra provides the method of ritual worship and further theology, and in some Vaishnava movements, Kriya Yoga is also incorporated. All of these systems are carefully combined to work together to guide devoted to their true relationship with God. Due to the innovation of masters who have seen the truth, various methodologies are seamlessly joined together, providing the individual seeker with a powerful pathway to receiving the first-hand experience of God.

We should understand that Hinduism is not content to rely on merely surviving God in the afterlife. It is dedicated to knowing the divine in real, tangible terms. The ancient rishis understood that we are limited beings with limited minds. And so in their wisdom, they reveal different methods through which we can access that divine realm. They provided shortcuts using the science of energy and vibration to open up a new world. The evidence of their insights comes with a direct result of practicing these techniques.

Through discipline, effort and allowing heart we will see that Tantra is a profound and powerful tradition that allows us to experience serve and live with God.

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What is Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yogain other words, is a path of yoga that incorporates energy into the yoga practice itselfUnlike what we see todaythat people usually referred to energy in a more superficial approachthe tantric of India and Tibet considered energy to be an extremely precise scienceAnd that’s exactly what Tantra yoga doesby understanding how to identify the energy within you and in the universe around youAnd learning the various techniques such as awesome as pranayamas mood has been doing and others

And understanding these techniquesthrough the prism of energywe have the possibility to integrate energy into our yoga practiceand make it into a Tantra yoga pathAnd that’s a path which brings with it a lot of successa lot of powera lot of energyand it’s a path which is known to be a shortcut.

One of the most amazing things about Tantra yoga, which is so relevant to modern people, it’s that it includes various things techniques, methodologies, and practices, from physical practices to practices which are purely energetical practices, they use the mind visualization and many other levels.

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Tantric Massage

What does tantric massage mean

So where exactly this concept of tantric massage come from?

Tantric massage it basically is a mixture of a blend of:

  • tantric philosophy,
  • psychology and sex
  • illogical bodywork
  • therapeutic massage and
  • ritual.

Tantric massage is not coming from the traditional tantric texts. It’s not like the sages or the tantric from India 1500 years ago wrote a sequence that nowadays people practicing tantric massage are following. If we could say it’s kind of a revival in this modern-day and age where we use some of the tantric principles and kind of merge them with some of the more modern and new approaches to bodywork that we have available to us.

So we could maybe insinuate that perhaps the tongue true cuz back in the day in India, we’re giving country massages there, as a mentioned about tantric was initiating men into the path of Tantra through lovemaking. And there is a lot of mention about ritual and about certain poojas like a Yoni puja or Lingam puja.

So they definitely had this attitude of really worshiping also the genitals and really seeing the sacredness in them. But it’s good to know that this is quite a new concept tantric massage so there is not really a right or wrong way to do it. That being said, I do want to say that if we call anything fun trick, it should have certain pillars of the tradition in it. Otherwise, we may as well just call it an erotic massage.

These two pillars of the consecration of Transfiguration and of sublimation, which we will all cover in this course. So the really great thing about authentic massage is that one can be super fun, super juicy, super Central and can really add a lot into your relationship or your sexual encounters.

But besides that, if you’re really devoted and dedicated to really stepping on this tantric path and more specifically, transforming your sexuality into a spiritual practice, tantric massage is one of the best gateways to get into this world. It’s one of the easiest, and let’s say the best tools, you have to really learn more about your sexual energy and how to channel it and how to master it.

Mainly because if you’re the one receiving there’s nothing else you need to worry about. You don’t need to perform. There’s nothing you shouldn’t be doing, you really get to receive and be guided as to how to move your energy. And if you’re the person learning how to give or want to give the massage, it really allows you to learn more about your partner’s energy. And with the time you’ll start to become kind of an energy master in the sense that you will feel certain energies more strongly and know exactly how to direct your partner to a deeper extent.

A deeper orgasm a deeper state of consciousness.

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What is Tantric sex?

Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu technique over 5000 years oldThrough tantric sextwo people of different sex connect at the levelenergeticallyphysicallypsychologically and spirituallyand aim to build a deep bond between partnersThis sexual energy extends over the body and mindallowing for incredibly deepintense out-of-this-world orgasms that will lead partners to mindblowing experiences.

In today’s culture tantric sex is seen as a sin, nothing more false. It is not a sin, it is an art form, a ritual or a practice whereby we can experience intimacy, pleasure and why not even play in the bedroom. Tantra teaches us to love, respect, live and enjoy our sexuality, our personality, and in order to become a complete person, we must not ignore any particular part of us, including sexuality.

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What is Tantric healing

You may be wondering what benefits the tantric massage brings. I will briefly describe some of the myriad benefits that it brings, and we will address this topic in more detail in another article.

Like any other massage that brings relaxation, pleasure, inner peace, etc., tantric massage works with energies. Use the principles of how energy works, including sexual energies, then it can go much much deeper. Down to massage actually is involving the whole body including our genitals as well.

In Tantra and in tantric massage, this is not something which is you know, considered inappropriate or dirty in any way. On the contrary, the genitals are considered sacred. There’s a lot of amazingly strong energy points in the area. And our genitals are very strong conduits of energy as well, in case of women because of their physical structure and their genitals being different than that of men, specifically, genitals being very internal.

A lot of women can accumulate emotional and mental stress, even physical stresses right into their genital area. And I’m not just talking about things related to maybe traumatic sexual experiences, I’m talking about anything on daily life, just being all the time on the run and not having time for yourself to wind down and so on. All of this in time will accumulate as stress in the area. And if it’s not addressed, it can lead to a physical illness, which stands for massage, but working on certain energy points working on awakening energy on flushing it in a very harmonious way in our being also possibly reaching pleasurable and orgasmic states, which is very, very beautiful.

By doing that we relieve or really release those stresses from the tissues and therefore automatically bring about a healing effect physically as well.

By tantric massage we understand that that anything that we experienced physically, any kind of stress or illness is there because there is a cause, which is an energetic one, not the other way around.

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Effects of lingam tantric massage on men

Because of stress and a very speedy way of life, not having the time to contemplate your own thoughts and to think and relax. And it has brought a lot of men to the point where they are very locked down energetically and emotionally and even sexually as well. So when a man is receiving a tantric massage, including Lingam massage as well, the same things can open up for him as well. Making him more sensitive to energy. A man can experience multiple orgasms, whole-body orgasms, and feel as well a lot of emotional releases,  feel love through gentle touch through energy flow. And these are very, very profound experiences. Also, a lot of physical healing can come from this.

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Effects of Yoni tantric massage on women

The women’s genitals are internal, and that means a lot of those stresses of life also accumulate more internal like the genitals. Female genitals are like a sponge, attracting things in there and they stay stuck.

Now, when we practice tantric massage with energy and concentration and energy, then it is foremost about healing the whole body not chasing orgasmic experiences or orgasmic states. This can happen as a result of them massage definitely and can bring very beautiful experiences. Absolutely. But this is not the main purpose of the massage.

So what women can experience through Yoni massage?

A woman can experience very deep states of release of relaxation of certain surrender of letting go of connecting to their femininity as well.

Yoni massage can open the woman up a lot sexually. I mean the make the woman sensitive to touch into energy.  And through skillful tantric massage, including Yoni massage, a woman can finally really relax and start becoming more sensitive. Start to awaken, the deeper these tissues in the inner parts of the vagina, the cervix and soo on. And this brings about physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing, and sexual liberation as well.

How can you begin to learn tantric massage

This can be a bit of a challenge because there is a lot of Tantra sacred sexuality, tantra massage to research. Some of them are better than others. Some of them are more relying on authentic knowledge than others.

The first step I would recommend is to find a teacher with whom you feel that this is the real thing that the teacher is knowledgeable. 

Anybody who is teaching Tantra needs to have been studying it for several years in order to really master the knowledge and being able to pass it on to others. So this is one indicator of an accomplished teacher. Also, of course, what can be done is simply doing your reading, getting certain books about Tantra.

Again, here I’m recommending authentic books not everything which is published in the modern day is carrying the true knowledge and the authentic teachings. A person who is just teaching Tantra massage most likely has a limited understanding of Tantra actually is and therefore automatically will have a limited understanding of how energy works as well. So my recommendation would be to find a teacher who knows Tantra very thoroughly was practiced for a couple of decades if possible, and then perhaps going through a course and feeling him or her out.


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