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Temple of Bliss salon is one of the best places in Bucharest if you attempt to revive mind, body and soul all the while. Here the customers can get different types of massage services that combine erotic and massage. This is the ideal place where you can free yourself from stress or simply experience something completely new. Our stylish and magnetic girls are erotic massage specialists combining the control of inner energies with spontaneity and pure sensuality. These special erotic messages are meant to teach us to live “here and now” and give us the key to ecstatic happiness right here on Bucharest.


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What is an erotic massage?


Erotic massage or sensual massage is the technique in which a professional therapist focusses on all body parts and genitals to offer to its customer’s exotic experience, sensual feelings, enjoyment, inner pleasure or even orgasm.

Thus, there are many types of massages and, most importantly, erotic massage. In another article, you can read about the 9 types of erotic massage to offer to the partner, such as Nuru Massage or Body to Body Massage, Lingam Massage or Penis Massage, Yoni Massage or Tantric Massage etc.

Erotic massage is a wonderful way to relax, connect and explore pleasure alone, with a loved one or with a friend. Erotic massage when done in a professional manner can bring many benefits such as improving sexual life, improving the love relationship or even as a treatment in healing certain medical problems such as erectile dysfunction.

In this article we will cover the most important benefits of erotic massage.

What are erotic massage benefits?


Most people do not know or do not quite understand what erotic massage really is. Erotic massage involves the masseur massaging the client’s body in a sensual and gentle way. Also, special oils can be used to increase blood circulation and intensify the feeling of sexual arousal. That is why it is very important to know what erotic massage is and some of the benefits it brings.


1. It is better than sexual therapy and can help solve sexual problems

Because erotic massage uses some special techniques, it is performed by professional women or men (it is recommended that men’s massage be performed by women and vice versa, due to polarities, yin and yang). The place where erotic massage session takes place has an important role in the relaxation of the client and the erotic massage salon Bucharest Temple Of Bliss offers to the client’s rooms specially arranged for total relaxation and unforgettable experiences. Also, special massage oils are used, essential oils for aromatherapy and background sounds play an important role throughout the massage process.

However, this massage can help you overcome a variety of sexual problems, including sexual impotence, improve erections, perineal and prostate massage are also best for men, lack of sexual training or inability to reach orgasm.

A professional masseur can bring the client to the brink of orgasm and keep him in that state for a long time, until the final uplifting explosion. This will help treat premature ejaculation and help you achieve stronger orgasms.

2. Erotic massage helps relieve stress


Research has shown that erotic massage helps relieve stress. Stress accumulates throughout the body, especially in sexual areas and, because traditional massage does not focus on these sexual areas, the tension in these parts cannot be released. Our masseuses are specialized in providing sexual pleasure and will ensure that you eliminate all rooted tensions. If you want to enjoy the best “stress reliever”, then you should book an erotic massage session at our salon.

3. Erotic massage is the cure for insomnia


If you have trouble sleeping and even take pills to help you sleep, you should forget about them and try the erotic massage. Why? Well, because this massage will make you feel better, you get rid of stress and you are happier and the quality of your sleep increases. This is a good method for a quiet and quality sleep. The erotic massage treats the source of the problem in a direct way, ensuring that you will not suffer from insomnia.

4. It can save your relationship


One of the main causes of problems in relationships is the lack of sexual chemistry and the feeling of boredom when it comes to sex with the partner. If you have reached the point where the sexual relationship between you and your partner becomes more and more complicated, an erotic massage can save you and transform the relationship with your partner. Erotic massage is a wonderful way to relax and open up more towards your partner. It enhances your ability to experience pleasure and strengthens your love affair. Another type of massage that will help your relationship is tantric massage. If you want to find out how tantric massage can help you to get crazy orgasms and transform your sex life then you should read this article.

Are you ready for an erotic massage session?


If I convinced you to try an erotic massage session and you wonder where you can go to Bucharest for such a service, then you can stop the search because Temple Of Bliss salon is the only erotic massage salon in Bucharest that has recently obtained 5 stars reviews from its customers and will look forward to you in a wonderful setting. We offer authentic tantric massage services, erotic massage, Yoni massage, couples erotic massage, women and men, and you find us in Victoriei Square in a magnificent location. Book now!


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Temple Of Bliss is the Holy Grail of erotic massage salons in Bucharest, with 5-star reviews on Google. Temple of Bliss Salon was born to offer our clients a new concept of an erotic massage salon in Bucharest. Here you will experience unique and unforgettable experiences, in-depth sexuality and sensuality. Our salon is located in a central and accessible area of Bucharest (Buzesti Street 61), in Victoriei Square. The salon is dedicated to men’s women as well as couples, offering numerous erotic massage services.