FAQ Tantra – frequent questions

FAQ Tantra – frequent questions

What is a Tantra or Dakini therapist?

Tantra therapist or Dakini is a Tibetan word for the woman who learns the mysteries of tantra. She uses female sexuality and her feminine power to destroy illusions and bring the client closer to discovering who she really is. Being a Daikini requires a life of preparation and requires a special inner calling to get to transmit to the client the positive energy needed. This preparation in the secrets of tantra, gives the therapist the power to read and respond to the client’s awareness needs. To achieve this he uses his perception and some extraordinary abilities.
Our temple therapists are trained in the art of tantra massage and combine it with erotic massage to offer clients unforgettable experiences. All the services offered by our temple include a combination of erotic and tantric massage.

What is Tantra?

Tantra and Tantric practices come from India and are thousands of years old. Tantra in Sanskrit means thesis. By this premise we can understand that life is like a tapestry with thousands of colored threads. The universe is a divine play of Shiva and Shakti, female and male poles.
Tantra offers many wonderful tools to make our lives more colorful, happy and fulfilled. All these tantric techniques offered by our erotic massage salon, such as touching, breathing, massage and energy flow, offer our clients the opportunity to see the true potential of this type of massage.

Is the therapist nude during the massage?

Yes, the therapist is undressed throughout the session. Imagine receiving this special massage, you feel totally relaxed, you are immersed in feeling your body sensations – ups – you can experience more coming to a massage session.
When both sides are undressed, full expression and flow of energies in the chakras are allowed. To be empty means to be equal to the other, it is our natural state. If, however, you do not want to be stripped during the massage, please inform us, and we can discuss the limits without any problem.

Is sex or sexual intercourse included?

No, definitely not. The massage session does not involve sexual intercourse. We work with sexual energies, intimacy and openness. We do not provide sexual services. We offer art in a pure and natural state. The massage is naturalistic and there will be body-to-body contact, but no real sexual activity will take place.
However, it is possible to experience sexual arousal and inner liberation, for many clients this experience is something new. Our therapists will encourage you to keep your focus on your body and the sensations you experience.

Can I touch therapist during the massage?

Not. We focus completely on you. Any touch from you will be a distraction to the therapist and his energy. The therapist encourages you to pay attention to your own body and the sensations you experience.

What if I’m scared?

Despite all the sexy TV commercials and porn movies, we live in a very sexually restrictive society. Very few people received solid information from parents, friends, school about sexuality and intimacy. Sometimes we didn’t learn how to communicate what we want and feel in order to keep the relationship going.
It is quite natural for us to be scared when we learn something so intimate and precious. Tantra helps this learning process by showing you how to communicate better, proceeding slowly, so that you feel safe enough and aware of your feelings and desires.

Suffering from premature ejaculation, can Tantra help me?

Yes. There are several tantric exercises for therapeutic and healing purpose that can help you. Learning and experiencing tantra is the best remedy for premature ejaculation. It is also a natural remedy. If you want to resist more in bed and impress your partner with the new knowledge gained, then Tantra is the best choice. Tantra teaches you how to prolong erection and control ejaculation.

I’m not able to reach orgasm, can Tantra help?

Yes. Both for men and women. Tantra can teach you how to have longer and more intense orgasms. There are tantric techniques that can help you reach multiple orgasms. Each time you control your instinct to ejaculate, you will be heading for a more intense orgasm.

Can I choose a male and / or female therapist for the massage session?

Yes you can. Please tell us your preferences when you book your session.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation using our contact form on this page, you can call one of our phone numbers +40 787 571 747 | +40 749 120 585 or by booking a session on our Facebook page.

Please send us all information regarding your limits and wishes. Even what makes you excited, anyone you want to share will be welcome!


What are the working hours?

First between 12: 30-00: 30. Every day. But only by programming.

More questions?

Please contact us for any further questions, and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.