Erotic massage prices

Erotic Massage Packages Prices

Temple of Bliss erotic massage salon in Bucharest, offers massage packages specially designed for your fantasies or according to your needs. Below you can find the prices of our massage packages but also other important information about the services offered by Temple Of Bliss.

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Tantric massage

Individual – 70 Euro / 60 minutes with a man or a woman

Couple Massage – 130 Euro – 90 minutes

If married life is not the same as in the beginning, we can initiate you in tantric massage.

Yoni Massage

Individual – 70 Euro / 60 minutes with a man

Individual – 100 Euro / 60 minutes with a woman

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Maximum capacity of total guests in a room is 4.

Options for erotic massage services

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+30 Euro – Jacuzzi (30 minutes)

Pamper yourself with a masseuse in a jacuzzi.

+ 50 Euro- Champagne

Do you want romance or do I just like champagne? We can offer you that too.

+1 masseuse – 70 euros

Do you want to pamper yourself with 2 masseuses? This option will completely relax you.

Erotic massage price at the hotel

Erotic massage price at the hotel – 150 Euro / 90 minutes a masseuse or masseur

All prices shown include VAT. Prices in Euro (€) are indicative prices that are the object of the exchange rate. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card. Prices are fixed, non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice.

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Can I pay by card?

Yes, you can pay by card but also in cash.

Are the photos on the site real?

Yes. The pictures are 100% real and belong entirely to us.

Do you offer sexual services for extra money?

Not. Definitely not. This practice is forbidden in our salon. Our clients are looking for us for erotic or tantric massage and not for sexual services. We are a massage parlor and nothing more.

Do you offer massage at the hotel?

Yes we offer. Yes, please contact us in advance at the telephone numbers displayed on our website to check availability.

Can I choose a masseuse?

Yes. In our salon you can choose which masseuse you want, as long as it is available.

Your salon organize private parties?

Yes. We organize private parties, bachelor parties and swingers parties. Also our villa can be rented. If you are interested, please contact us by phone a few days before the event.

Is the erotic massage with "happy ending"?

Yes. Erotic massage is with “happy ending”, by touch but without sexual intercourse.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes. To enter our salon you must be between 18-60 years old and if necessary you can request an identity card, especially if you look under 25 years old.

What is erotic couple massage?

A couple massage involves two partners (a couple) who are massaged by one or two specialists in tantric massage. Usually, this type of massage takes place in the same room. An erotic couple massage can strengthen the intimate relationship with your partner and will allow you to experience pleasure without any of you having to do anything. you just have to relax and enjoy the sensual touches of our masses.

How can I get to your salon?

You can find us at Calea Calarași no. 130, sector 3, Bucharest.

What types of massage do you offer?

Relaxation massage, nude erotic massage, tantric massage, couples erotic massage, yoni massage, fantasy/role play.