Erotic massage for womens

Ladies, close your eyes and stop your mind because you will enter a stress-free world. This unique journey will help you get in touch with your feminine nature, your sensuality and your ability to be in ecstasy.

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Don’t be shy and wake up your sexuality

Erotic massage for women is a procedure that can bring real pleasure to life. Promoting both the inner and outer flowering of the nature of the ladies.

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Discover the pleasure of another orgasm.

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Erotic massage for women involves the use of special maneuvers, soft comforts, and delicate and sensual movements. All this will help you relax and enjoy the pleasure of another massage experience. Its purpose is to awaken the state of relaxation and a conscious connection to the inner resources of erotic energy.

Duration: 1h | 1.5h  | 2h

Experience unforgettable sensations

If they wish, women can also receive massage in the intimate area (the so-called yoni massage), in order to help them to become aware of the “intimate map” of the points in this area, as well as the possible blockages and tensions accumulated. This special massage has the effect of free flow of energies, deep relaxation and reconnection of the woman with her own yoni. It is done in a respectful manner, with a tender attitude that inspires confidence and security.

Women can receive massage from both men and women, depending on their preferences. The massage performed by the man is generally more energizing and easier to raise awareness due to the polarity difference. The massage performed by another woman enhances femininity, is more refined and can sometimes be more fulfilling.

If you want to have an unforgettable journey that will turn into pure pleasure then you should also try the Yoni massage.

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Erotic Massage for Womens – What you need to know

Comfort. Safety. Relaxation

It is natural to feel a little nervous before your first erotic massage. We understand this and that’s why our masseuses will help you relax and forget about all the worries in your daily life.
Regardless of your shape, age, nationality or ethnicity, our masseur are experts in the art of massage. Will make you feel good in your body, taking into account your needs. They will offer you a personalized massage tailored to your preferences and desires.

Erotic Massage for Womens – Why choose Temple of Bliss erotic massage salon in Bucharest?

If you are looking for the most erotic massage salon in Bucharest, then Temple Of Bliss is definitely the right salon.

Phone: +40 787 571 747

  • It will restore your sexual power, give you concentration, energy, and concentration in your daily activities.
  • Relaxation, self-awareness and sexual fulfillment are essential aspects of self-care. These feelings and sensations are essential to life and success.
  • Tantric massage will heal and help you in your daily life.
  • It will awaken and accentuate your senses and you will feel the pleasure of the vibrations in your body

Our salon benefits

Central location

Our location is in the center of Bucharest near the Victoria Palace, in a luxurious location. You can reach us easily by accessing the map here.

Professional team

Professional team with international experience in the field of tantric massage.

Physical and mental health

Applying subtle techniques that maintain physical and mental health if tantric massage is performed regularly

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Our clients were satisfied with our services and offered us ☆ reviews on Google.

I received a massage after surgery and I was very happy with the loving and caring treatment at the “Temple of Bliss”. My body felt regenerated, brought black into his own and recovered very fast. I highly recommend this place and their masseurs. Thank you!

Kamika B

Very clean, coquettish … I received a massage from both a woman and a man. I felt like the new one after such a massage full of tenderness and sensuality.

Ana Ana

Affordable location, pleasant, refined atmosphere, impeccable service and collectively well-prepared. Charm and good mood! Relaxation, beauty, magic, and sensuality! I recommend !!

Simona K