Erotic massage for men

Gentlemen. Do you want to have a 5-star massage? A massage that will give you inner peace and transform your sex life? Then pamper yourself and try a unique combination of tantric and erotic massage. You will definitely return to our salon.

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Don’t be shy and awaken your sexuality

Our beautiful and experienced girls will cover your body with warm oils. You will feel her perfumes, the warmth of the scented candles, then your body will be massaged by her body.
Now you are more relaxed and the music on the background you like. You want more … I know. Let yourself be taken on this journey offered by our girls. In the end, you will experience a new and unique inner explosion that will fill you with happiness.
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Discover the pleasure of another orgasm.

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Erotic massage for men is performed in a sensual way on all areas of the body, combining elements of relaxation and body-to-body, without insisting on the genital area.

Tantric massage combines refined eroticism with classic relaxation maneuvers. Hair, nails, fingers, elbows, knees … all these are used for a refined stimulation of the senses.

Duration: 1h | 1.5h  | 2h

Experience unforgettable sensations

It all starts when you make an appointment. Once you reach us, you will be greeted by one of the masseuses. It will take you to the room where you will discover an intimate and beautifully arranged space, you will feel the delicate smell of the essential oils, the light will be discreet, and the music inspiring.
This is the time when the masseuse will give you a brief introduction on how to operate with erotic energy during the massage, to know what to expect and to avoid confusion regarding the services offered. Then you will take a shower to feel relaxed and clean before the massage. We have a shower gel and towels specially prepared for you.
You will lie on the bed and the masseuse will enter the room. You will be completely undressed during the massage and you have the option to choose whether the masseuse will be stripped (Nude version) or if you will wear a thong (Topless version).

If you want to have an unforgettable journey that will turn into pure pleasure then you should also try the erotic massage for couples.

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Erotic Massage for Men -What you need to know 

Do not worry. It’s not complicated at all.

Tantric massage is a deeply personal experience. We recommend that you choose a masseuse that attracts you both physically and on an individual levelA mutual connection is a key component without which the end result would not be as uplifting as it should be.
Another thing you should consider is a proper breathing technique (you will be taught by the masseuse). This breathing technique will provide control over the body. Then you will be able to postpone the ending, increasing the level of pleasure at the right time.
That’s all.

Erotic Massage for Men – Why choose Temple of Bliss erotic massage salon in Bucharest?

If you are looking for the most erotic massage salon in Bucharest, then Temple Of Bliss is definitely the right salon.

Phone: +40 787 571 747

An authentic erotic massage will build your sexual power and offer you concentration, energy, and precision in your daily activities.
Relaxation, self-awareness and sexual fulfillment are essential aspects of self-care. These feelings and sensations are essential for life and success. Tantric massage will heal and help you in your daily life.
It will awaken you and accentuate your senses along with the pleasant sensations and vibrations of the whole body.

Our salon benefits

Central location

Our location is in the center of Bucharest near the Victoria Palace, in a luxurious location. You can reach us easily by accessing the map here.

Professional team

Professional team with international experience in the field of tantric massage.

Physical and mental health

Apply subtle techniques that maintain physical and mental health if tantric massage is performed regularly.

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Our clients were satisfied with our services and offered us ☆ reviews on Google.

The experience I had at the Temple of Bliss massage in Bucharest was a sensational one. The girls are very experienced and warm, the location is central and easily accessible. The massage was relaxing and different because it is a combination of erotic and tantric. Thank you for refreshing my day!

Constantin Dragos

I had a very relaxing, spiritual and sensual massage with a most friendly and sexy girl. She knew what she was doing. No happy ending but the massage totally justified going there.

Godhead's Lament

Delightful and deep soothing massage. I had the pleasure of being treated by Gloria. Not only is she a very skilled and intuitive masseuse (she knew all my sore spot and I did not have to tell her…) she is also beautifull and kind. Her wonderful energy made me go from a state of tiredness and feeling somehow disconnected from myself to being lifted to another level of inner strength and healing feeling very good and taken care of in a most loving manner. I have had massages before but this enchanting woman was so natural and made me feel so good that the air seemed a bit fresher and the sounds of the birds in the city sounded a bit sweeter than before entering. I highly recommend this place and especially Gloria who is very skilled…

Michael Jensen