Erotic massage for couples

Want to discover a new dimension of your relationship? Temple Of Bliss in Bucharest invites you in a unique and intense journey. An immersive couple experience that will turn your fantasies or curiosities into reality.

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Don’t be shy and wake up your sexuality

Enjoy with your partner with our expert tantric masseuses and unleash their fantasies. Surprise your partner with an interactive body experience with our sensual masseuses. That will allow you to discover, experience and explore unknown pleasures.

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Discover the pleasure of another orgasm.

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Erotic massage for couples is carried in a beautiful and comfortable environment, designed to enjoy the pleasure of the senses. The pair can choose the masseurs or masseuses. Then the massage will be carried out synchronically. The goal of tantric erotic massage is the satisfaction of both partners. Cleverly sliding upon your back, legs, stomach, and chest, they will fully relax you. Why wait? Unleash your fantasies. Surprise your partner with an interactive body experience with our sensual masseuses. This will allow you to discover, experience and explore unknown pleasures.

Duration: 1h | 1.5h  | 2h

Experience unforgettable sensations

Massage for couples is usually done in separate rooms to create a greater attraction effect between the two. It is very important not to be distracted and to focus on our own experience. The woman can choose a masseuse or masseuse, as she prefers

After the massage, both of you will feel much more relaxed, energized, energized and full of desire for the other. Massage for couples is a wonderful gift idea because the purpose of this massage is to bring more understanding, love, pleasure, happiness, and intimacy in the couple relationship.

If desired, the lady may choose Yoni massage for a truly unforgettable experience.

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Erotic Massage for Couples – What you need to know

Your partner will be like a new book to you and you will feel great desire to read it page by page!

The couple’s erotic massage involves an increased level of intimacy, where both partners sit side by side. This will allow an erotic energy exchange between them. This massage will renew the sexual spark between you, create a deeper connection, enhance sensual intimacy and sex life.
We know that every couple is different and each needs a different approach. So you can choose the person from whom you will receive a massage.
The couple’s erotic massage is a full body massage, the warm oil is applied on every inch of your body and the therapist’s hands will always be in contact with your skin.

Erotic Massage for Couples – Why choose Temple of Bliss erotic massage salon in Bucharest?

If you are looking for the most erotic massage salon in Bucharest, then Temple Of Bliss is definitely the right salon.

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Tantric erotic massage brings couples to a higher level of intimacy. You and your partner will feel more connected to each other.

Our message gives you the opportunity to learn new things about your partner. You can discover new erogenous areas and open up new options for your sexual games. Couple massage often works better as a psychologist session.

It’ll eliminate the need to stray. By indulging in a couples massage together, you can stop the need to look elsewhere for both yourself and your partner. If sexual needs become overlooked, that is when the real danger of your partner seeking satisfaction elsewhere occurs.

Try something Adventurous. 

Our salon benefits

Central location

Our location is in the center of Bucharest near the Victoria Palace, in a luxurious location. You can reach us easily by accessing the map here.

Professional team

Professional team with international experience in the field of tantric massage.

Physical and mental health

Applying subtle techniques that maintain physical and mental health if tantric massage is performed regularly.

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Our clients were satisfied with our services and offered us  ☆ reviews on Google.

I received a massage after surgery and I was very happy with the loving and caring treatment at the “Temple of Bliss”. My body felt regenerated, brought black into his own and recovered very fast. I highly recommend this place and their masseurs. Thank you!

Kamika B

Great place! I was very impressed that the girl that made my massage she liked very much what she did…She adores making massage and this was big happiness for me…Thank you, Romanian, adorable girl!

Vasilis Salama

I was at this salon in Victory Square and I had a great erotic massage from Miss Arya. The pleasant atmosphere, relaxing music, modern decoration and warmth and perfect cleanliness. Thanks to Arya for an evening full of sensuality and exotism!

Adrian Dragos