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We do not just offer a simple erotic massage. We offer unique and unforgettable experiences for men, women and couples, taking them on an overwhelming journey to ecstasy.

Genuinely Uplifting

Our massages are genuinely uplifting. They combine the control of inner energies with spontaneity and pure sensuality. These special erotic messages teach us to live “here and now” and give us the key to happiness right here on Earth.

Massages from Temple of Bliss are for women, men and couples looking for relaxation, satisfaction and pure pleasure.

Types of massage

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Erotic massage for women

  • Listen to your body. After a massage session you will feel more fulfilled, healthier, calmer, less anxious and more confident in yourself.
  • Our loyal clients have told us that this type of massage has improved their immune system, their skin is younger, and they have also noticed a weight loss.
  • It is a wonderful prelude to having sex with your partner.
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Erotic massage for men

  • Erotic massage is an excellent opportunity to take a break from your work, your ideals and your role in the family. Leave everything aside. Escape from everyday life and experience moments of peace, relaxation, pure pleasure. Thus reinvigorating your inner masculinity.
  • Erotic massage is a very effective therapy for intimacy and sexual activity
  • Improves erection
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Erotic massage for couples

  • Get involved in something adventurous and erotic. When was the last time you tried something adventurous in the bedroom with your partner? Try something new with your partner, and we promise you unforgettable moments.
  • Learn new ways to please one another.
  • Explore your sexuality in a safe and discreet environment.
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Yoni massage

  • The Yoni massage allows the woman to explore her body in a sensual way.
  • It helps women who are having difficulty achieving orgasm. It will help you reach the desired orgasm and gives you greater control over your body.
  • Helps you release emotional blockages and has positive effects on self-esteem.

Erotic massage in Bucharest – Why choose Temple of Bliss Erotic Massage Salon in Bucharest?

If you are looking for the most erotic massage salon in Bucharest, then Temple Of Bliss is definitely the right salon.

Phone: +40 787 571 747

  • We hire the most sophisticated, educated, young and beautiful masseuses.
  • We only hire qualified and experienced personnel in the art of tantric massage.
  • Our farmhouses will ensure that the experience will be unforgettable.
  • All our erotic massages are customizable to ensure that all our clients will experience the most sensitive and intense moments.
  • Our luxury location is in the center of Bucharest and is very accessible (see on the map).

What is Tantra?

Most people associate this word with Eastern religions, with a happy ending or worse with sexual services. Other people consider Tantra a lifestyle and others consider it a way to strengthen their spiritual energiesTemple Of Bliss is trying to summarize below what Tantra is and why it is so important to take this journey in our world today.
The word Tantra has a Sanskrit origin, meaningtechnique or practice“.

Tantra is about 4,000 years old and is native to India; it infused both Buddhism and Hinduism. In Tantra, sexuality and spirituality is linked and one without another being unable to exist. Tantra does not agree with other religions that say you cannot grow spiritually if you want physical pleasure. The tantric points out the opposite. Tantric sexuality is the sacred energy used for purposes such as creativity and healing, but also for deep pleasures. We achieve Tantra through meditation, so we become aware of the present and give greater importance to our thoughts and feelings.
People often believe that tantric massage is a sexual service. It’s not true at all! Tantric massage includes several techniques with elements of yoga, bio energy and sexual therapy.
Tantrism the term for “tantric practices” was introduced in the West in the 1800s.
In the Old Tantric tradition there are several points of energy in our bodies called Chakras that are not part of the physical body. There are 114 channels called chakras. Two are outside the body, 112 can be worked and the rest four have blossomed as a consequence. This cause energy to flow throughout the body. Even though there are many chakras, seven of them are very important as follows:
  • Muladhara meaning “root” and located at the lowest point of the last bone of the spine. This is where the spiritual journey begins and represents the foundation of the physical structure and energy of the body.
  • Svadhisthana is also called “self-dwelling” and located in the genitalia (perineum). It becomes a glow for regeneration and pleasure once you master this chakra.
  • Manipura it is also called “maintenance center” or “solar plexus” chakra. Is connected with strong emotions, energy, stress, the adrenal glands and pancreas.
  • The Anahata also called “yogic heart” located in the center of the chest. Signifies freshness condition that occurs when we manage to detach. Look different and contradictory experiences of life with a sense of openness.
  • Vishuddha located in the center of the neck and is also known as the center of purification. Is related to the element of sound, because through the neck the sound spread in the air and its vibration can be felt both in the ears and in the body. It is an important tool of communication and expression.
  • Ajina also-called “beyond wisdom” located above the nose. This energy center associated with knowledge, vision and intuition. Here no physical factor controlled.
  • Sahaswara is the chakra superior to the seven and located at the crown of the head. It is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to all that exists. It is connected with our self, with the being around us and with the divine energy that creates everything in the universe.
The human body and all the surrounding objects have an aura that surrounds them. The human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic current that moves throughout the body. Is influenced by different factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, guilt, negative thoughts, preventing them from functioning properly.
During our lives, we have many unpleasant experiences like trauma, physical and emotional abuse, pain, etc. The human body stores these negative experiences and as we grow older, we add more and more. The erotic tantric massage or Yoni performed by our masseuses, works as a medical procedure on sexual energy to cut these blockages. As a result, the client will enjoy more of his / her sexual life, enhanced with desire, orgasms, pleasure, etc.
Tantra uses different techniques to cut these blockages and to find a way to stimulate emotional and physical well-being. We know all too well that a healthy body cannot exist without a healthy mind.
All these tantra techniques you can experience through authentic tantra massage. At Temple Of Bliss in Bucharest, where the sexual energy will be transferred all over your body.
Very slowly – live consciously.
When you are always busy, you know more or less what is happening in the inner or outer world.
Tantra is about slowing down and learning to be more present, more aware. Aware of what you are, do, think and feel. But what if there is more than that?
While the therapeutic massage focuses on the physical well-being of the person, the tantric one focuses on both physical well-being, pleasure and personal development.
In the tantric massage the whole body is explored and there are no barriers. You will discover new areas that will feel touched when touched.
In the tantric massage you offer and you get a sensual bliss, without any pressure to do more than a conventional massage.
Tantra is about letting yourself carried by the wave, it is a journey that leads to total happiness. Being open in knowing yourself allows your body to experience freedom, joy and happiness without feeling guilty of it. In Tantra, travel is important and not the destination.
Tantra has no taboo as long as both parties feel good together and want to continue the journey. Power, blackmail and force are not tolerated in this type of massage.
The massage offered by Temple Of Bliss means a sensual discovery of your sexual and spiritual self with the help of certain erotic massage techniques. You will be spoiled from head to toe, and all the stresses and bottlenecks will disappear. Is very important that during the massage to try to synchronize the breath with the masseur so that the experience to be an unforgettable one.
Book now an authentic tantra massage session at Temple Of Bliss to experience this unlimited pleasure on your skin, from experts?


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