13 easy erotic massage techniques that make anyone want more



There are different types of massage, and one of them is erotic massage. It aims to release tension and stress from within the body, providing pleasant sensations throughout the experience. The ultimate goal is not necessarily that of orgasm or ejaculation.

If you are in a relationship, erotic massage can be an ideal ingredient, given that you both enjoy new sensations, discover yourself, even more, relax and get rid of stress, headache, after a demanding day at work.

The erotic massage can be tried both at home, but also in a professional salon, where the pleasure is offered by the ladies who master the massage techniques. You can choose to go to the salon or request an erotic massage at home.

A topless massage is ideal for single men, eager to relax after a stressful week and get rid of the accumulated tension.


13 erotic massage techniques

  1.  Light in the room – The semi-darkness is the friend of the erotic massage, it helps the sensation of incitement, mystery, curiosity. Turn off the light, pull the curtains and light a lamp or use candles for lighting as you wish.
  2. Details – A successful erotic massage means you don’t have to rush to prepare it. The temperature of the room is also important, being too hot or too cold will ruin the success of the entire trip. Make sure you have prepared a glass of water or a warm towel that your partner can stretch.
  3. Background music – The purpose of an erotic massage is to help the partner relax, so choose a playlist with relaxing music, meditation. There are tops with romantic songs on the piano, so choose a music without lyrics, so your distraction, the tendency to hum on the songs will not exist.
  4. Smell – A fresh bed linen offers the pleasant smell of clean linen. You can delight his sense of smell including with the help of massage oil, meant to contribute to the strong dose of relaxation.
  5. Massage Oil – This will help your hands slide smoothly over the entire body of the partner. Very well known and suitable within you are the roses oil, the sandalwood oil or the grape oil.
  6. Erogenous zones – Do not rush to the erogenous zones. Pleasure and desire are created even from the gradual intensity of pleasure. The impatience and the thought of what is to come is part of the success of an erotic massage. Start with neck massage, upper back. Then go to the thighs, feet, soles and so only later to the erogenous areas.
  7. Warm hands – Do not touch your partner with cold hands, it is not a pleasant experience, on the contrary, it will knock you out and this is not what you want. Rub the oil in your palms and thus exclude this risk of cold hands.
  8. The Start – If you ask yourself where to start, start from top to bottom, from head to toe. The massage of the scalp is extraordinarily relaxing, in addition you do not need oil. Nobody wants the oil feeling in their hair. So until you anoint your hands, make sure that you started with a good head massage, it is very important because there are many nerve endings here. The sensation produced is extraordinary.
  9. Shiatsu technique – It is the easiest technique, recommended for people without experience in the art of massage. Basically, the Shiatsu technique consists of using the fingers to apply pressure on the body. Press, knead or use your fingers in a circular motion. At first, it did not apply much pressure, you risk hurting your partner.
  10. Compression Technique – Use it in combination with Shiatsu technique. What does this compression technique entail? Apply pressure on the body by pressing with the palms and a slight circular friction.
  11. Kneading technique – is used for a deeper massage and for less sensitive areas of the body, for example it is indicated for buttocks. The musculature is caught between the fingers and tightened, and then immediately released.
  12. Erogenous zones – After you have gone through all parts of the body, you have reached the end, that is to say, the erogenous zones. It is the perfect time to be exploited, because the partner has relaxed in the meantime, the nervous system is sensitized, therefore the body is more receptive when stimulating erogenous areas.
  13. Setting expectations – It is wrong to provide an erotic massage with immediate desire to receive the same treatment instead. You will not receive this on the same day. The partner is relaxed, he enjoys the sensations received, therefore he does not ask to leave the euphoric state.

Topless massage


A Topless massage begins with movements meant to relax the muscles, the approach of the partner will be done gradually, with degrees of intensity offered easily, easily.

The role of the partner is to introduce the partner in a conducive atmosphere, including by its preparation, the perfume used, the color of the underwear, the accessories. A red slip means sensuality, the sexy outfit can also include stockings with porter and shoes with a heel.

A Topless massage can also be chosen within an erotic massage salon. Here, the types of massage available are among the most diverse.

Tantra massage 


It is realized throughout the body, it combines the firm movements with the sensual ones. You can enjoy a unique experience of tantric massage in a professional salon. Sexual energy is unlocked, you enjoy self-confidence and happiness.

Although Tantra massage is not based on achieving orgasm, it is practiced today by masseuses and with the production of a happy ending.

Prostatic massage


Prostate massage stimulates the prostate gland, known as the emotional, sexual and sacred point of a man. When a person stimulates the prostate, it releases physical and psychological pressure.

Practiced at home, as a partner, it is necessary to use movements as sensual, light touches. It is often combined with penis massage. It is a strong and pleasant experience for the partner.

Instead of conclusions


Erotic massage is a pleasurable treatment for both men and women alike.

Today, stress, day-to-day worries, fatigue manage to take over and settle into many relationships. From here until the decrease in sexual satisfaction can be a single step.

Erotic massage helps relieve stress and brings partners closer to one another, with the help of created intimacy and physical closeness.

Erotic massage is the perfect adjuvant for deep sexual contact, for reaching orgasm.

The erotic massage helps you to approach your partner both physically and emotionally. Good communication with it is also useful, so you can improve your techniques, giving the other more and more exactly what he likes (touch areas, intensity, etc.).

To deprive yourself of bodily pleasures, of a satisfying sexual life, means the accumulation of frustrations and inner tensions. Erotic massage can often be a special prelude.

Also, the dedicated erotic massage salons included massage performed by both partners, meant to show both of them new peaks of pleasure. Both he and he enjoys handling and touching at the same time. Such an experience can make a couple get out of the rut or avoid falling into this side of boredom.

Physical pleasure, eroticism, sex should no longer be a taboo subject, and partners should use their energy even more in the way of their physical discovery, pleasures and a healthy and harmonious sex life.

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